Ballet is a formalized form of dance with its origins in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th and 16th centuries. 
Ballet at TDA will be held in a disciplined, respectable atmosphere where students will gain knowledge of ballet fundamentals, terminology as well as proper technique.

Royal Academy of Dance
RAD was born out of a meeting of leading dance professionals arranged by Philip Richardson, former editor of the Dancing Times. With Adeline Genée chosen from among her peers as its first President, the Association launched its first syllabus in the same year and held its first exams in 1921.
1928 saw Queen Mary become the Association's first patron and in 1936 it became the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) after receiving its Royal Charter from King George V. The following year, the RAD was awarded its coat of arms by the College of Arms.

​Class Schedule: 
Pre Primary
Grade I 
Grade II 

* Please note that class times are subject to change after registration. 

Dress Code
Pre Primary and Primary Ballet: Pink Bodysuit, pink tights, hair up in a neat bun, and pink ballet shoes.
Grade I and above: Black bodysuit, pink tights, hair up in a neat bun, and pink ballet shoes.
Male Dancers to wear black ballet shoes, a white form fitted t-shirt and black bottoms.

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